• Senior Men's Class: Cliff Shelton, Teacher 
  • Women of the Word: Merle Archer, Teacher: Senior Ladies
  • Crusaders Class: Steve Kelley, Teacher:  Mixed Ages 
  • Navigators Class:  Steve Knipp, Teachers:  Mixed Ages
  • Art of Marriage Class: Andy Fannon, Teacher:  Married Adults with Young Children
  • College & Careers: ​Tara Byrom, Teacher    
  • Sr. Teen Class: Jamie Kelley, Teacher (Ages: 7th-12th Grade)
  • Jr. Teen Class: Darlene McLain, Teacher (Ages: 4th-6th Grade)
  • Primary Class: Scarlett Dale, Teacher  (Ages: 1st-3rd Grade)
  • Beginners Class: Regina Idell, Teacher  (Ages: 4yr old-K)
  • 2&3 Yr. Old Class: Shelly Shaw, Teacher 
  • Nursery

Building Greeneville Strong Through Families

Sunday School Classes

Church Officers

Excerpt from our Church Covenant:

"We agree to accept Christian admonition and reproof with meekness, and to watch over one another in love, endeavoring to "keep the unity of the Spirit", in the bonds of peace, to be careful of one another's happiness and reputation, and seek to strengthen the weak, encourage the afflicted, admonish the erring, and as far as we are able, promote the success of the church and of the Gospel."

Oak Grove FWB Church​​

  • Deacon Chairman: Richard McKinney
  • Trustee Chairman: Steve Kelley
  • Administrative Assistant: Lisa Shelton